Due to various staff outages related to the COVID-19 situation, order shipments may be delayed by our fulfillment partners. If you have not received a shipping notification within one week of placing your order, please submit a ticket
HERE, and we would be happy to contact the appropriate fulfillment partner on your behalf.
Riddle rewards, such as the Trove Loot Cards and The Break Keeper, may experience longer delays, as they are processed from our home office.  Due to the quarantine restrictions, we are only able to access our warehouse for shipping once every two to three weeks.

There is nothing quite as frustrating with online shopping as having a shipment go astray.

There may be a few reasons why you have not received any notification for your package:

  • Double-check that your order doesn't contain any preorders. If there is one, please note that none of your items within that order will ship until the preorder is available. 
  • You many not receive a tracking number if your package is under 2kg. This weight range usually falls under the threshold of required tracking with most couriers.
  • If your tracking number is reading as invalid, your information may not yet be available. Check the carrier's website periodically as their system may not have updated. 
  • Kickstarter orders are handled differently from standard orders, and will ship before preorders.  If your order contains a preorder for an item that was recently on Kickstarter, such as Splice & Dice, such as The Gearloc Child, preorder shipment will generally begin after all Kickstarter orders have been processed.
  • Orders are batched and forwarded to our fulfillment partners on Monday and Thursday mornings by 9:00AMCST.  If your order was placed after this time, it will be held until the next batch processing time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If none of the above bullet points apply to your specific situation, please let us know by creating a ticket HERE. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist.